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11Th Bipartite Agreement

The 11th two-tier wage compensation is due from November 2017. 11. Two-tier settlement for bank employees: The annual increase in salary and allowances is agreed at 15% of the payroll as of 31-3-2017, which corresponds to 7,898 crore rupees on the components of the pay slip. As a result, the IBA held a series of bilateral meetings in Mumbai. During the discussions, the IBA improved its offer to 13.5%, but this was not acceptable to the unions because it was inadequate. The 11th bilateral settlement was officially approved by the Banking Association on July 22, 2020. According to the latest status update, the salary of bank employees in the public sector will increase by 15%. It was also decided to introduce performance-related incentives (PLI) in state-owned banks in order to strengthen the spirit of competition vis-à-vis private banks. What is the bipartite banking regulation, the bipartite banking regulation is the regulation of salary increase of bank employees like the salary commission in the employment of the central government sir, I retired on 30-06-2019 with 42020 basic – (former 8th deer) reached in May-2017.will I get (new 9th deer) according to 11th pb? If so, how do I know if the 9th deer benefit was granted to me retrospectively and revised from the basic pension. Please help by e-mail. thanks to the 11th two-tier wage compensation is due from November 2017. The IBA and the banking unions have failed to reach mutual consensus on various issues, despite several rounds of negotiations that have taken place over the past 30 months. July 2020 News: The 11th bilateral settlement with salary revision was officially agreed and on 22 July 2020, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed between the Banking Association of India (IBA) and the banking unions.

Meeting in the IBA Committee Room on the 9th. November 2020 at 11:30 am a.m. . m. to advance the signing of the 11th Bilateral Agreement / Joint Note. The workers` unions did not accept this offer. The next meeting will decide on the final agreement. Main features of the 11th bilateral agreement: D.A., HRA, salary scales, special salary, stagnation bonuses, FPP and other allowances ALL INDIA 1) 11.

Settlement in two parts 5 working days Not agreed: 5 days a week not yet agreed! The lengthy 11th bilateral wage negotiations between the banking unions and the Association of Indian Banks (IBA) concluded on Wednesday, with the two sides agreeing to an annual wage increase and compensation of 15% of the payroll as of March 31, 2017. It was agreed that office and sub-staff should benefit from a further increase in stagnation. . In the current banking scenario, there is fierce competition between different banking categories, i.e. the public sector, the private sector and foreign banks. In order to convey a sense of competition and also to reward performance, the concept of Performance Linked Pay is introduced. After extensive discussions and consultations on this topic, it was agreed to introduce performance-related incentives (LIPs) in public sector banks, which will be based on each bank`s operating/net profit (optional for private and foreign banks). Meeting with the leaders` unions with the IBA scheduled for 17 October 2020. CLICK HERE TO SEE YOUR NEW BASIC CLERICAL AND NOMINAL MADRAS Hicourt CASE, postponed to October 28. And the next hearing of the case at allahabad hello court will take place on November 3, 2020.

THE BP REGULATION DOES NOT HAVE TO BE SIGNED BEFORE THIS DATE. 7. The IBA agreed to discuss all other issues in more in-depth discussions. 9) It was agreed to increase the banks` contribution to the NPS fund to 14%, i.e. 14% of the Pay & Dearness allocation instead of the current rate of 10% from the expected date of signing the settlement, subject to government approval. Scale IV: 76010 – 2220 x 4 – 84890 – 2500 x 2 – 89890 Today, August 24, 2020, the four agent organizations met with the IBA team on the topics listed in the MOU. Details will be discussed in more detail during the first week of September 2020. Meeting of the Central Committee (Workers) of 28 November 2019 *9.* OT: For simplified and improved methods, a note is submitted by the unions. Will be discussed in more detail.

So, next round of talks with iba of the workers` unions on October 31 at the iba office in Mumbai. After much discussion, the following points emerged today: 1. Offer on 15% wage costs. 2. The request for banking services at 5 days is motivated by other discussions. 3. Request to load more than 2% 4. Additional exchange of holiday privileges 5 days a year. 5. Improvement of the family pension 6. The revised offer for PLI was submitted with 1.37%, 2.74% and 4.11% respectively.

All other matters relating to administrations and trade unions/associations discussed during the negotiation process are settled to the satisfaction of both parties. The IBA agreed to provide a revised form after the topic had been further discussed. During these sessions, certain topics are concluded and then dealt with during the main session. Expected arrears calculator: The effective date is 01.11.2017 and the melting point to consumer price index 6352 has already been set. This means that 478 plates are merged into Basic. (6352 – 4440 = 1912 ÷ 4 = 478 slabs), or 47.8% .c., since the rate is 0.10 paise per plate. In r.b.i. if the government agrees, retirees are favored in increasing the pension. If a charge of 10% greater than 47.8% per year is approved, it amounts to 162.58%. (100 + 47.8 = 147.8 × 10% = 162.58), or 163.

Every 5 years, the Association of Indian Banks (IBA) and bank employees` unions negotiate the salaries of more than 8 Lakh bank employees who work in public sector banks. The next meeting of the Working Group on Workers` Unions will take place on 28 August. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM), the Indian arm of Japanese auto giant Toyota Motor Corporation, has declared a lockout at its plant in Bidadi, about 30 km from Bangalore, starting March 16. Special remuneration, PQP, FPP – will be revised on the same basis as the revision of the basic remuneration. At today`s meeting with the IBA, workers` unions are asking for a special subsidy of 20%. IBA offered 16.4% as agreed by the executive associations. 17.900 – 1000 x 3 – 20900 – 1230 x 3 – 24590 – 1490 x 4 – 30550 – 1730 x 7 – 42660 – 3270 x 1 -45930– 1990 x 1 – 47920 Scale V: 89890 – 2500 x 2 – 94890 – 2730 x 2 – 100350. Today, bilateral talks have taken place with the IBA, which has not been fruitful. The UFBU adopts agitation programs, including strike actions.

Another round of negotiations took place today between the IBA and ufBU at the IBA office in Mumbai. Further discussions will take place at the next round of meetings, shortly._ Detailed Circular on the Agitation Programme will be issued by the UFBU in a day or two. .

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