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Citations in Reader early 2020

Citations in the body of the document will be clickable to show a large card with basic citation information (author, title, date etc.) and augmented with information from There are also options:

  • Open the document (if on users’s system and it can be identified) or Search and open online through DOI etc.
  • Option to mark as either ‘Interesting’ for reading later (which should result in the document being tagged in the Finder and downloaded if not on the users system, then tagged) or ‘Not Interesting’ which should result in that document having a strikethrough in the future, or slightly greyed out, to be decided by testing.

References (in the References section at the end of the document)

Click on sources in the References list for the text under the source to show all the occurrences of that citation, shown as full sentences. Click on any to jump to them, click away to close. The goal of this enhancement is to help the reader determine the salience of each individual citation (I use the term ’salience’ since its the term used in neuroscience, as highlighted in the brilliant book ‘The new executive brain’ by Elkhonon Goldberg (2009), meaning a combination of importance and relevance for the user).

cmd-d without selected text opens the Dynamic View with all the citations visible, arranged by publication time on the x-axis and spread on the y-axis by alphabetical order of first named author’s last name, connecting all documents which cite each other, with the current document in the middle of the screen, and documents which cite this document shown to the right, based on data from The goal for dealing with the citations as a group is for the user to be able to get a handle on the connections the document is part of, in order better understand the intellectual space it inhabits.

The user can click on any source to get the same information as if they click on a citation in the word processing view.

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