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The Dynamic View in Reader (early 2020)

Dynamic Views { experimental }

The Dynamic View in Reader is of course fundamentally different from that in Author since Reader is a consumption application, not a creation application. User can select any arbitrary text and cmd-d to have that text appear in the centre of the dynamic view, in bold, with lines to all the other occurrence of this text, including the sections they are in, radiating outwards so if the text occurs more than once in a section (that is, more than once by one author), each occurrence will radiate further out. This has been mocked-up in the dynamic view of this document. The nodes showing the results should have a maximum length before ellipsis, to be determined.

A preference on creation of PDF from Author should be able to specify what cmd-d in Reader should show. In this case it shows contributing authors but for other documents headings might be best. User can ctrl-click on node closest to keyword (in the default for Future of Text this will be the contributing author name) and choose to toggle to show: ‘Section, Heading, Contributing Author’.

Double click on any node to search for the keyword in that section, showing a standard Find view with the Constraint, colon, then keyword. For example: ‘Dave Winer : Authorship’ or ‘Introduction : Authorship’

This is just a glimpse of a rich visualisation future.

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