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Glossaries Glorified into Core Connector MacOS Implementation

Last updated on February 11, 2018

The way I plan to implement the glossary system for Knowledge Graph integration is in my current systems: 


When writing any document anywhere, select a phrase to turn into a Glossary Entry by launching Liquid and choosing ‘Glossary’ (g) which takes the selected phrase and presents it in a dialogue with options for plain text and single line fields for specific natural language phrases such as ‘xx is a part of yy’. This dialog must be designed in collaboration with the team (Jack, James and David, at a minimum). 


On ‘Enter’ the information is posted as a blog post to a WordPress site with the correct ‘Category’ to assign it as a glossary entry (Liquid already has the ability to post to WordPress). 


The team must then design a scraper to work to take these blog post glossaries and turn them into Knowledge Graph. 


On reading in WordPress, we can have our Hyperwords plugin (which works by showing a blue dot when selecting text) include an option to ‘Show Glossary Entry’ (we already have search and references and so on) which shows the entry in a window. This window will have an option to ‘Open As Knowledge Graph’ which results in a Knowledge Graph software product (DebateGraph, TopicQuests…) opening the associated Knowledge Graph with the current phrase highlighted/in the centre. 


This is only using my stuff, with a minimum of effort to start testing. Other platforms and other software is for others to put effort into but I’m very happy to work on this have have the components and APIs be open, so at least we can try out this kind of a concept.  


What do you think? 

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