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Liquid | Space, The Incredible Thinking Space

Last updated on January 17, 2017

‘The Incredible Thinking Space’ is the focus of what we are trying to build, augmenting the ‘thinking’ phase of academic document creation.

Building from The Incredible Thinking Space post:

And from the Interactive Text Space Diagram post:

This is a proposal for a project to merge a word processor view with a concept map view in one environment, to use both views to build a more powerful reading and writing and thinking environment.

[NOTE: Liquid Space is now Liquid View]


word processing view

The benefits of a word processing view is that it favours long form reading and writing with its column centred presentation and word processing views are widely shared in standard document formats. It does not work so well for using a large computer’s screen real-estate nor is it excellent for laying out and creating connections.


concept map view

The benefit of a concept map view is pretty much the opposite of the word processing view: It is great for laying out and creating connections and uses a large computer’s screen real-estate well. It is not so great for reading and wring long form text.


combing word processing and concept map views

The proposal here is to develop a powerfully useful and visually simple concept map space, with the ability to switch the view to a word processing view and back again, where the body text is by default hidden in the concept map view but can be brought forth if required.

Development to make the concept map view very powerful will mean going further than our basic inspirations such as the elegant but limited functionality Scapple (macOS) and presenting a clearer view than the powerful the Brain, including adding links to nodes to other documents and more, with a focus on extremely high performance interactions. I will be blogging more on this and continue conducting literature reviews on the concept map / mind map work.

The word processing view will build on the work which has gone into Liquid | Author, including integrated outline views and document views.




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