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Major upgrade to the Flow view

Major upgrade to the Flow view as described below, to make documents easier to read:

Invoking Liquid Flow : View as Flow

User selects text and invokes Liquid Flow (recommended cmd-space).
User can choose ‘View’ ‘v’ (new top level command) and:

  • ‘As Flow’ ‘f’
  • ‘As Flow Long’ ‘v’ or ‘spacebar’ (set spacebar as default for ‘view/as flow long’)
  • (‘As Summary’ will also be moved to this new top level menu)
  • (‘Sentences with’ will also be moved to this new top level menu and hidden by default)

Spawn mockup short video:


User can select text in this view to perform further interactions from Liquid Flow.


User can select any text and do cmd-f which will perform the same action as the current command ‘Sentences With’, meaning it will remove all sentences in the document which does not have the selected text. Doing cmd-f again will undo this command and show previous, full view. Please check in Author how this works, it should work the same. Note: This works in Liquid Flow currently, we simply need to make the command work on cmd-f and use the same window.


The result is full screen as shown above (Light Mode), with an ‘Exit’ button on the bottom of the screen to exit the view (ESC) also works.
Light Mode font colour #303030 with background #ececec
Dark Mode font #d6d6d6 with background #1c2025

Current Issues

In the initial version the Liquid Flow interface is on the screen on top of the text and Liquid Flow needs to be fully quit to empty the screen, plus the commands above have yet to be implemented.

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