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Views in Reader early 2020

Full Focus Mode

To help the user read specific heavy paragraphs, the user will be able to select text in a paragraph and ‘spacebar’ to lift the full paragraph (not just the selected text and more than one paragraph if the selection spanned more than one paragraph) into it’s own full-screen view where it will appear with line breaks after every sentence ending with ‘period’ for maximum legibility (rules for not breaking on other period will be used). The user can interact with the text as usual in this view, to perform Liquid Flow operations, arrow keys or spacebar to go to next paragraphs and add annotations. ESC or click in margin to exit this view.

This is the Read mode from Author. The bottom bar in Author may appear and have the text ‘Document View / Focus Mode’ where ‘Focus Mode’ is in bold. Click to toggle back from this view.



Pinch for Outline

Since the Reader app can reliably identify headings, the user will be able to pinch to fold the document into an outline which can then be used to click on headings to jump to specific sections.

Headings will appear in the outline, as will the new (optional) tag ‘Section Author’ (ctrl-click under Heading, cmd-shift-1 to assign)

Any highlight-annotated text will also appear in this view, with the full sentence (like Find):


Fast Find

The user should be able to simply start typing text to perform a search, the text of which will then instantly appear in a search dialog at the top of the screen (as in ‘information’ in the screenshot below, same as where the current search criteria in Author is listed. This interaction is similar to typing when a document is open in the Finder.

If the user performs cmd-f on selected text, that will be the search term and if the user does cmd-f without selecting text then the user can enter text, including numbers, for the search, as is traditional.

If the user types a number, Reader should assume it’s a page number and jump to it. If the user wanted to search for a number the user can just do cmd-f then type the number and hit ‘enter’.

The appearance is the same as Outline, including showing headings of any sections that included the search term (all the way to the top, not just the immediate heading) and Section Authors.

Image Interactions

User can click on any image/figure to expand them to full screen. Click again to close.

Figures & In-Document Links

On mouse-over a reference to a figure in the document, the figure should appear as a pop-up. This is yet to be designed.
In-Document Links should be clickable and cmd-[ should go back to original position. The In-Document link should be creatable in Author by the user doing cmd-shift-k and selecting either a heading, as currently possible, or by selecting any arbitrary text in the document, copying it, and then going to the location where the link should be inserted and cmd-shift-k choosing ‘Add Link To Copied Text’ which will appear as a button.

Dynamic View

The notion of having a Dynamic View in Reader is still only vague, experimental thinking:

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