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Liquid View Access : Spark Points

Last updated on February 22, 2019

An important aspect of the Liquid View is that it needs to be accessible from anywhere to be really useful–accessible whenever the text sparks the users curiosity, such as when seeing a new author they don’t know.

In this example the user comes across the name ‘Hall’ and clicks on ‘Hall’ in the citation brackets (shown middle right in this screenshot) and the normal Liquid | Author citation dialog appears.

The user can then click on ‘Wendy Hall’ to switch into Liquid View and three columns appear, showing publications she has cited, her name and on the right publications which have cited her.

The user can easily click on any element and get a menu to make them centre for another view, such as seeing this by what author she cited and is cited by, not what publications and so on.

The second important aspect is the importance of fast and flexible interaction and the notion of a central point. The column view is not the important part (it should be possible to visualise in many ways, including as various dendrograms and conceptual graphs etc.). What is important is for the user to be able to easily skip around a central focus to choose to see the flows in and out of the locus.



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