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Freedom of Speech

Last updated on February 18, 2019

Free speech? Speech is NEVER free.

There is always a cost involved in any communication, from the careful consideration of what to say or the effort to listen to understand to the careless, thoughtless comment and the effort to not be overloaded with information every day.

Never mind causing offence, that it easy, even in a freely liberal western society. Just attach a few labels to whom you are talking to and it’s easy to insult people and take away from the value of what you are saying, to that audience, while at the same time adding value to a group who does not like that audience. This is much of political entertainment comedy in America at the moment, such as John Stewart and Bill Maher or Bill O-Reily which purely preach to their choirs. When speech is designed to inflame; simply to insult out of anger or ignorance to further promote discord, the cost is simply different from when speech is thoughtfully designed to connect, inform and create harmony.

Let’s stop talking about censorship, let’s start talking about how we want to invest in our speech to make it more effective communication rather than barriers and attacks. After all communication is about brining minds together.


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