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Upgrade & 3 Media

On Friday I had my Upgrade Viva and it went well.

This weekend I got an email from Vint introducing me to someone and the term hermeneutics was mentioned and I have spent the weekend reading up on this. How did I not know about this! It really reflects my own philosophy. I also got copied on an email from Ismail about a conference this summer rgd Visual-Meta which was lovely.

We spent some time with Enamul, Sarah and Kai which was lovely and he is doing well, but we are of course all still concerned.


I thought about what media records in what way.


Insta306 recording. I had to re-frame as usual and it took a full night to upload this but the re-framing did not stick. You have to manually move the view point. Something to remember for the future: The front camera is the one with the controls!


Focus is still an issue but Fujifilm x100v works beautiful. This was shot 4k but is 1080 on YouTube. Still looks nice but not sure how that happened.


SONY RX1Rii is still the best for me for stills.

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