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Assigning Connections (heading, image, glossary term or URL) to Text

Last updated on April 5, 2019

Any text can be assigned a glossary term and this is done manually by the author, in the same dialog as adding in-document and image connections/links.

In Word Processing View

To create a new glossary entry

To create a new glossary entry from scratch, the user selects text and does cmd-shift-g (the latter is listed in the CTRL click dialog with ‘Assign Glossary Term’ in order to have it’s own keyboard shortcut) and Author sends the selected text to Liquid | Flow with ^^ appended so that Liquid | Flow will instantly open the Glossary dialog.

To connect text to a previously created heading, image or glossary term

User selects text and cmd-shift-k to spawn this dialog: The dialog will show the last used tab when invoking next time it is used (these details are important):

connecting terms to text. Hegland, 2019.

In Liquid View

In the Liquid View the user will double click on the canvas to type in new text. The dialog below will then appear.

The dialog will pre-select the heading or glossary term which matches it most closely for quick ‘Connect’ or choose other.

This dialog also has URL as an option which will simply show a text entry area. If the user has a valid URL on the clipboard then this dialog should have that pre-filled.

If the user chooses to ‘Skip’ the text will still be viewable in Liquid View but as an annotation, not connected text.

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