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Can We Talk about Spatial Hypertext? Mark Bernstein

Can We Talk about Spatial Hypertext? by Mark Bernstein.

Proceeding HT ’11 Proceedings of the 22nd ACM conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, 2011

This paper reflects on the importance of being able to somehow present a liquid view in a way that makes sense to someone else and the annotations will likely be an important part of this:


While people understand their own spatial hypertexts, many find it difficult to understand spatial hypertexts that other people created [28]. To interpret a spatial hypertext requires us to decode how the organization of elements in space reflects the relationships among the things or concepts those elements represent. If our collaborator does not understand how we have set things up, we have few ways to explain it. Yet representing complex, contingent, provisional structure of an incompletely-understood domain is the core goal of spatial hypertext.

I submit that spatial hypertext is difficult to explain and to share because we have so little vocabulary with which to discuss it.


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