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Document from multiple PDF documents

Last updated on March 26, 2021

A way for schools to publish magazines and societies to easily make a journal.

I aim to use it for my upcoming hyperlink course. The origin of this question is the Hyperlink academy cohort I am thinking of teaching. I want to ask the students to write a paper every week (using Author and exporting PDF with Visual-Meta) and then take these into a single ‘volume’ PDF which has a new TOC and automatically assigns citation data for each document within it so that a reader can copy and text from any contributing document and the citation will paste the correct author.




‘Compile To Journal’ Command in Reader

User chooses to ‘Compile To Journal’ and an ‘Open’ dialog appears, asking user to select which folder of documents should be used. Text in the dialog explains: “Select which folder of PDF documents with Visual-Meta you would like to compile into a Journal’.

Open Process

On opening Reader will check Visual-Meta from each document and provide an error to user if the Visual-Meta is not valid or correct: “Visual-Meta is not correct, please check document” and process stops.

New Citation Information, Cover and ToC

If all documents pass, then a Citation Dialog is presented (exactly the same as used in Author) where the user can fill in all the information about this new document, including publisher and so on. Date is auto-filled.

On ‘Enter’ this is then appended as a new Visual-Meta at the end of the document in which the ‘Author’ names from the individual documents are all auto-added to a cover page for each article which must have a cover page (otherwise the system would have to impost a ‘title’ on each PDF. There will be no author for this new document but the Editor will be the person compiling (by default, it can be changed in the dialog).

References sections, Glossaries and Endnotes will be incorporated to work for the different sections.

This cover page will the the title of the document (which is now a section), and the name of the Author. This will be treated as a level 0 heading. A table of contents will also be created and folding will function.


The resulting PDF can then be emailed for uploaded anywhere, including built-in 1-click upload to a WordPress site, using the same method as from Author. Since the URL of the WordPress site can be pre-determined it may be useful to add it to the Visual-Meta as a default download location.


Users who access the PDF through Reader will be able to copy text from any article (original PDF) and paste it into Author as a citation by that original author of that specific PDF. Users will also be able to use any and all Reader commands, including Find, Fold and even Glossaries, Endnotes and References.

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