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For the Love

Last updated on October 9, 2018

The reason for Doug’s success comes from his philosophy but his ‘philo-sophy’ was not simply a love of knowledge, it was a direction for the creation and refinement of human and tool systems. Doug’s initial aim was to improve the human condition. THIS was his stated aim and as a kind a loving character, he did not need to spend much time dwelling on this, it was simply who he was. As a global society though we do not have this luxury. My young son Edgar, who will turn one year old in this 50th anniversary of the demo, has already travelled to Norway, Denmark, Japan and Azerbaijan and he was met with kindness and love everywhere he met (admittedly he is an amazingly beautiful and charming child). All these ‘territories’ have been at conflict with some other territory and have some adversarial conflicts internally to this day.

I believe strongly that how we work to create harmony for all must be a prime driving focus for all the work we do in Doug Engelbart’s name, otherwise we are simply augmenting ignorance as much as enlightenment, hate as much as love, prejudice as much as open-mindedness.

As a teacher and father I feel I must highlight the prime importance of the moral side of the equation and yes, I put my money where my mouth is: I made the point at a conference with over 40 world leaders just last week that this is really about ‘Love’, a surprising comment which my friend the moderator needed to ask me 3 times to repeat since it seemed so out of place.


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