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Glossary Dialog for Liquid | Flow to support Dynamic Graph View

Last updated on June 9, 2019

The glossary creation dialog in Liquid | Flow will work as before, with changes to the grey text and layout, as shown below, and with a large change to the way the user indicates a relationship to the previous term:

first part. Hegland, 2019.

Once the user chooses a Glossary Entry, additional request appears below, asking the user to add a further relationship with the same two terms, but the other way around. Also, the little [+] only appears now, in case the user wants to add further relationships.

If possible, this additional relationship will be posted to the other term, (Liquid Information Environment, not Liquid | Flow) appended at the bottom of the term, if this is feasible.

second part. Hegland, 2019.

Dynamic View

This way the dynamic graph view can support showing both Liquid | Flow and Liquid Information in the centre:

flow in the centre. Hegland, 2019.

And once the user clicks on ‘Liquid Information’ it moves to the centre, showing relationships from its perspective–which turned out to be the key.

liquid information in the centre. Hegland, 2019.

To make it clear


In the dynamic view, users can drag-and-drop one node onto another to create visible links which spawns a dialog to specify the category of relationship in both directions.

Refer to the previous post for the discussion behind this conclusion.

Animation Test



Alternative Dialog, with Radio buttons for type:




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