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Jeremy Freeman & Documents. Kill The PDF (email to Les & Gang)

Last updated on April 25, 2017

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is run by a guy called Jeremy Freeman.
He really does not like PDF, as is highlighted about 14 minutes into this podcast: 14 mins in:
“…one thing that was really interesting about the presentation that he gave, he was talking about the way that scientists share their results once they have them – when we spend a lot of time looking at this sort of stuff at Wired, it’s an academic paper – it’s a PDF on a journal that you can download and you can look at charts and graphs and read a static document, that’s what it is basically, there might be the odd chance to download a bit of data or watch a video or look at some pictures but for the most part it’s the same technology that’s been around for hundreds of years albeit you can now download it in a PDF and to Freeman’s mind, and it’s a fair point, that’s ridiculous…’
And early goal for them, as is mentioned a bit later in the document, is to kill the PDF.
Can we contact them? What would we say? Maybe we should have an online meeting with Bill McCoy?
I have copied a few brilliant brains on this email. Do you have any thoughts as to what we might be able to do to deliver highly interactive scientific documents?
These guys have money and momentum. I hope we can slingshot somewhere useful with them…
Frode Hegland
The Liquid Information Company
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