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Liquid View Integration thought

I had to wake Edgar this morning but that didn’t go so well. He’s still a little upset. But I also woke late but had this integration thought which I think we should go with:

How about letting the Liquid View act as a separate application in that items can be placed into it by drag and drop etc. but still be a ‘view’ inside Author? I think I may have found a way: Label the unused citations at the end of the word processing view:


User pinches out and thus toggles into the Liquid View.

  • Here all the glossary terms and citations used in the document are shown. User can drag in further documents from the Finder and add further glossary terms, just like thought about for the free-standing Liquid View application.

When done, the user pinches in and returns to the word processing view of the document. Here two protected and ‘live’ sections are automatically appended to the end (live maybe for future versions, perhaps only grey headings inside Author to show they are special and then filled in on export):

  • Glossary Terms
  • References, where the same type of References list as would be exported is shown, with live content or not depending of complexity of implementation. A sub-section is called ‘Rejected/Un-Used/Further Reading’ (or something–to be decided perhaps by the user on export), is at the end, listing all documents not in use in the word processing view but in the Liquid View.

Text added in the Liquid View but not assigned a Glossary Term will not show up in the word processing view, they will be treated as annotations for the Liquid View.

Liquid View

In the Liquid View, the user can ‘Save View Layouts’ (shown in a top bar in the Liquid View) and also ‘Take Screenshot’ which copies a png screenshot into the clipboard including all the view criteria. User can then paste this into the document at any place and when clicked on in the future will open to this view.

User can toggle what to see in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen: Glossary Terms, References, Headings, Automatic Connections, Manual Connections, Keywords.

Word Processing View

When in word processor view and the user wants to add a citation cmd-t includes a pop-up or auto-complete for all un-used citations.

Furthermore, it is important that the user can copy across the citations into new document so selecting a citation in the Liquid View mode should allow for a ‘copy all citations’ option and that should also be a menu option. Pasting into a Liquid View should preserve layout.


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