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Pinch-Out : Citations Analysis/Concept View

first, a discussion on glossary & citations

The pinch-out gesture results in a view with all cited documents listed in a single column.

What is important is to be able to show citations in a loose and ordered manner (timeline etc.) with a good interaction to toggle between them and somehow annotate/present them with the concepts they represent.

So how can we build a system where the main aim is to allow the author to provide a multidimensional view of the concepts they are discussing in the word processing view, with reference to the citations affecting the concepts being connected? I had a discussion about whether the glossaries should be integrated here but decided against it.


Here the citations are shown in a timeline (should be a way to toggle timeline and free form) with text in whatever font the user uses for body text and heading style text for annotations (nonsense text of course):

Interactions here should include the ability for the user to click or ctrl-click on the bottom or left margin to choose: Freeform, by data ascending, by date descending, by author name, by author popularity etc…

By default this timeline is good but how to deal with papers with multiple authors might get messy…

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