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What Is the Legal Obligation of a Parent

Maybe the account can be modified to deal with such criticism. The amended account does not necessarily mean that a child should be removed from the custody of his or her biological parents and handed over to better caregivers who then have parental rights over that child, even if those caregivers have the same nationality, ethnicity and social origin. Indeed, it is in the best interests of the child to maintain his or her personal identity in development and to provide him or her with a stable environment. However, a major objection to all best interest accounts is that they do not sufficiently take into account the relevant interests of a child`s current parents. The fact is not that parental interests outweigh the interests of the child, but rather that the well-being of the child`s accounts does not sufficiently weigh on those interests. Minors are generally not legally able to enter into a binding contract, unless they are essential elements. For this reason, a parent has the right to enter into a contract for his or her child. It is appropriate to conclude with what is undoubtedly the most important parental obligation, the obligation to love one`s children. Some philosophers – Kant, for example – believe that there is no obligation and cannot be to love another person because love is an emotion and emotions are not under our control.

Since we cannot be forced to do something we cannot do ourselves, there is no duty to love. However, some contemporary philosophers have disputed this conclusion, asserting that parents have a moral obligation to love their children (Austin 2007, Boylan 2011, Liao 2006). One reason for this is that parents have an obligation to try to develop in their children the skills necessary for a prosperous life. There is ample empirical evidence that a lack of love can impair a child`s psychological, cognitive, social and physical development. In this context, parents are required to promote the development of the skills necessary to enter into close and loving personal relationships with their children. One of the main ways parents can do this is to love their children and try to build such a relationship with them. There are ways in which parents can successfully bring out the emotions associated with loving children. For example, a parent may give reasons to have loving emotions for their children. A parent may cause circumstances and situations where they are likely to feel such emotions. In these and many other ways, the willingness to feel parental love can be strengthened. To say that all emotions, including emotions associated with parental love, cannot be commanded by morality because they cannot be controlled by us is too strong a statement.

Finally, there are also reasons to believe that it is not only the responsibility of parents to love their children, but that everyone owes a certain love for children (Boylan 2011). If this is true, much remains to be done not only to encourage parents to love their children in a way that helps them thrive, but also to change social structures so that they can more effectively satisfy this central interest of children. Historically, the landlord is often associated with absolutism, which is the idea that parental authority over children is unlimited in an important sense. Absolutists were of the view that fathers have the right to decide whether their child lives or dies. Of course, this view is no longer held in contemporary philosophical literature, but in the past some have assumed that this extreme level of parental authority was morally justified. Some proponents of this view thought that because a child is the parent`s creation, this absolutism ensues. Other reasons given for this view are the idea that divine law and natural law grant such authority to parents; This level of authority promotes the moral development of young people by preventing them from embodying vices; and the idea that the family is a model of the Commonwealth, so that if children obey their father, they will also learn to obey the Commonwealth (Bodin 1576/1967). According to Bodin, the natural affection fathers have for their children will prevent them from abusing their authority. Critics of absolutism reject it for reasons similar to those proposed against the owner. They claim that it is clearly immoral to give parents the power to end their children`s lives. .

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