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Which Is Not Covered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Service Level Agreement

It`s not enough that your IaaS resources are simply accessible. They should always work as you would expect. Oracle is the first cloud provider to deliver performance, allowing you to rely on your enterprise application infrastructure. The next step in your transition to the cloud with a cloud MSP is to migrate your operations and workloads to the cloud. You can think of this phase as the “Move and Improve” or “Lift and Move” phase. You`ll move and start running your existing applications in the cloud without having to redesign them unless necessary. Any applications that need to be upgraded or rebuilt will be updated and your partner will also configure your disaster recovery and security monitoring services. Your cloud MSP must be able to provide effective governance through a flexible hybrid deployment model. Through well-integrated processes and technologies, the MSP must be able to demonstrate its ability to secure your workloads, enforce and manage security policies to protect personally identifiable information. You should also be able to follow industry best practices when it comes to workload management such as HIPAA for healthcare, GDPR across all industries, and more. Once your applications are migrated and updated, your Oracle partner will help you manage your cloud experience with service level agreement (SLA)-based services. You will continue to work together to operate and maintain your cloud solutions and continuously optimize them to meet the ever-changing needs of your business.

Cloud services are the new normal. Companies are no longer wondering why they should implement the use of cloud technology, but when, how and which ones? Ease of management SLAs are defined at the service level and defined at the AD level. Customers always have applications in their own data center or hosted location in addition to their cloud services. Taking all these factors into account, customers want to have a choice. You want to be able to control how and which applications or workloads they migrate to the cloud. Today, companies expect more from their software providers. Automation for efficiency is a key differentiator in the modern market, which means that when a company buys software or technology, it expects the vendor to provide automation and efficiency features that set it apart from others in the market. This has become one of the main criteria for choosing cloud services.

Financially secure commitment to providing customers with a minimum level of service. SLAs are an essential part of an IT vendor contract. As more and more companies move away from the outdated on-premises data center hosting model and use cloud solutions for their business needs, they are seeing significant improvements in their day-to-day operations, cross-departmental communication, and customer experience. Cloud services have become a necessary tool for all industries and an effective way to accelerate growth and scalability. Service credits will be calculated as a percentage of the net fees you paid to Oracle for an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service in the month in which an applicable service obligation was not met and will be credited to you in the calendar month following Oracle`s approval of your claim. Service Credits are your sole and exclusive remedy if Oracle has not fulfilled any of the service obligations set forth in the Service Level Agreements section of the Oracle PaaS and IaaS Public Cloud Service Pillar document with respect to the applicable Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service. Service credits are only assigned to the specific Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service for which the applicable service obligation has not been met. To sign up for support services, follow these steps, but most importantly, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports its customers` desire for choice. OCI offers multi-cloud integrations and hybrid solutions to leverage market-available security, integration, connectivity and management tools to meet the specific needs of its customers and protect their future interests. In each of these service areas, there are a number of different aspects for public and state regions.

OCI`s governance tools give customers the ability to containerize their workloads with open source solutions such as Kubernetes. In addition, OCI offers elite computing capabilities. The support service is available for all paid accounts associated with Oracle and is part of the SLA. Access to the forum and support documentation is also provided to all OCI users. Once a service credit claim is validated, Oracle will increase the customer`s balances for the calendar month following Oracle`s approval of the claim. For example, if you spend $100,000 each month on your Universal Credits and receive a $5,000 credit after Oracle approves a claim, Oracle will increase your balance so that you have resources worth $105,000 for the next calendar month before overruns can be billed. Oracle provides service credits for the underlying compute resources consumed by customers making claims. Enterprises demand more from their cloud infrastructure than just availability. Mission-critical workloads also require consistent performance and the ability to manage, monitor, and modify resources running in the cloud at any time.

Only Oracle provides end-to-end SLAs for performance, availability, and service management. The image shows different types of SLAs associated with a different type of service, but on the other hand, some applications may never be moved to the cloud. Instead, they may stay in an on-premises customer data center due to privacy issues or other security concerns. Other applications may have end-of-life, which means it doesn`t make sense for them to be part of the cloud solution. Resize Credit = (Promised Rate % – Actual Rate%) * Quarterly Usage Spend (in Service Category) In addition, OCI has partnered with VMware Solutions to offer a complete software-defined data center in Oracle`s Generation 2 cloud. This software enables organizations to easily extend and/or migrate their existing on-premises VMware infrastructure and applications to Oracle Cloud without having to redesign or retool their operations. The process of migrating a company`s operations to the cloud can be time-consuming for a variety of reasons. These reasons may include the fact that some workloads require refactoring or upgrading before they can be adapted to the cloud and an organization`s future needs. We know that customers are moving away from this advantage of the traditional data center model and leading them to integrate with the cloud.

Rest assured that your cloud workloads will run continuously with Oracle`s commitments to availability and connectivity. There is no fixed path. Oracle customers can use the cloud platform at any time if it suits their individual business criteria and requirements. Regardless of the starting point, implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure requires a detailed and strategic plan to successfully integrate its solutions. All of these comprehensive services and solutions are available to government sectors that need sufficient solutions and tools for compliance and security. OCI services are also compatible with the needs of public or more commercial sectors that have less limited requirements. Any customer who pays for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services using the SKUs specified in the Oracle PaaS and IaaS Public Cloud Pillar document can request service credits. Individuals who purchase the above services through the Oracle Store must have completed at least one billing cycle with Oracle before they can receive service credits. For more information, see the Oracle PaaS and IaaS Public Cloud pillar document. The elasticity and configurability of infrastructure is one of the reasons why people are moving applications to the cloud. Your services must be manageable at all times to gain this benefit.

Oracle provides management SLAs for you to manage, monitor, and modify resources. In addition, companies are finding that all roads lead to the cloud model through the use of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Employees no longer want to be responsible for sourcing, tracking and maintaining on-site equipment. They prefer to rely on a cloud provider. Once balances are increased after Oracle approves a customer`s entitlement to service credits, customer is free to use service credits for all Oracle Cloud services associated with Universal Credits or customer`s pay-as-you-go account. .

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