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Author User Guide addition for Dynamic View

I have had a hard time fitting the different elements and use cases for the dynamic views together and today decided  we will only have one dynamic view, with only headings, and the citations will be where they make sense: In a ‘References’/Bibliography’ section at the back of the document. From the new user guide:

Dynamic View

The Dynamic View can be used as a quick and easy way to navigate your document by collapsing the document into an Outline or to use for brainstorming or analysis.

To switch from the regular word processing view to the Dynamic View, pinch in on your trackpad. To return to the regular word processing view pinch out. The initial view will be a single column table of contents which you can change to the other views by swiping horizontally left and right or point your cursor to the top of the screen to get a menu of view options:

Citation Analysis

All documents you have cited in your document will be shown in a References section, same as you will have when you export your document and you can organise them by groups and place them into a timeline by pointing to the bottom of the screen and choosing ‘timeline’.

To access the Citation Analysis view swipe horizontally on your trackpad to flip your document over. You can return to the word processing view by swiping back.

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