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Dynamic View Update

Jacob has finished much of the functionality of the Dynamic View, in fact, since it’s been simplified and a citation view will be built separately, 500 lines of code could be commented out. As I leave Bergen from an emotional week, this is what’s left on Trello for the Dynamic View:

And this is what’s left for Author in general, of the important issues:

One of the issues which took the longest to resolve was that moving between word processing and dynamic views is a bit jarring when you can’t see a difference/a different environment. It took a lot of thinking and experimenting but having the dynamic view as a dark, monochrome mode should be different enough and this carries some implementation repercussions.

Monday I’ll be in Cambridge for the JATS event which we are a sponsor of, that is to say, Author is a sponsor of, and I hope to be able to demo some of this and tell people it’ll be in the App Store in a few days, rather than simply that we are working on it.

Some amazing people have signed up for the Future of Text Book and now it’s on to completing the lineup and then deciding on publisher. Vint is doing the intro and Ismail is doing the postscript:

  1. Adam Kampff. Neuroscientist at the Sainsbury-Wellcome Centre and founder of Voight-Kampff
  2. Amaranth Borsuk. Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, University of Washington Bothell and Author of The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series ‘The Book’
  3. Andrew McLuhan. Director, The McLuhan Institute
  4. Belinda Barnet. Swinburne University, Author of ‘Memory Machines: The Evolution of Hypertext’
  5. Bernard Vatant. Former Consultant at Mondeca and Linked Data Evangelist
  6. Bob Frankston. Developer of VisiCalc
  7. Bob Stein. The Institute for the Future of The Book and founder of Voyager
  8. Bruce Horn. Software Developer and Author of the original Macintosh Finder
  9. Cathy Marshall. Texas A&M University and Hypertext Developer
  10. Christopher Gutteridge. University of Southampton and Developer of academic repositories
  11. Claus Atzenbeck. Institute of Information Systems at Hof University and General Co-Chair of the 2019 ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media
  12. Dan Whaley. Founder and Innovator in Web Annotations
  13. Dave De Roure. Professor of e-Research, Oxford e-Research Centre
  14. Dave King. Founder, Exaptive Inc.
  15. David Price. DebateGraph, Founder
  16. Denise Schmandt-Besserat. Professor emerita of Art and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas at Austin and Author of ‘How Writing Came About’
  17. Douglas Crockford. JSON
  18. Elaine Treharne. Stanford University Text Technologies
  19. George Landow. Professor and Author of books on Hypertext
  20. Gyuri Lajos TrailMarks Founder
  21. Harold Thimbleby. See Change Digital Health Fellow at Swansea University and Author of ‘Press On’.
  22. Howard Oakley. Mac Developer and Technical Writer
  23. Jack Park. TopicQuests Foundation, Co-founder
  24. James Gleick. Author of  the NYT best-seller ‘The Information’
  25. James O’Sullivan. Lecturer in Digital Arts & Humanities, University College Cork and Author of ‘Towards a Digital Poetics: Electronic Literature & Literary Games’
  26. Jane Yellowlees Douglas. Author of pioneering hypertext fiction
  27. Jason Morningstar. Analog Game Designer
  28. John-Paul Davidson. Producer, Director & Author of ‘Planet Word’
  29. Jesse Grosjean. HogBaySoftware, Developer of ‘WriteRoom’
  30. Keith Houston. Author of ‘The Book’ and ‘Shady Characters’
  31. Keith Martin. London College of Communication Senior Lecturer and Author of design books
  32. Livia Polanyi. Linguist
  33. Leslie Carr. University of Southampton, Professor of Web Science
  34. Marc-Antoine Parent. Developer of IdeaLoom
  35. Mark Anderson. University of Southampton, PhD Student
  36. Mark Bernstein. Eastgate Systems, Developer of hypertext software ‘Tinderbox’ and ‘Storyspace’
  37. Naomi S. Baron. American University, Author of ‘Words Onscreen: The Fate of Reading in a Digital World’
  38. Panda Mery. Productive irritant
  39. Paul Presley. Editor of Geographical Magazine
  40. Paul Smart. Author and Philosopher
  41. Sarah Walton. Author and Digital Consultant
  42. Shuo Yang. Interaction Designer at Google
  43. Stephen Lekson. Curator of Archaeology, Jubilado, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
  44. Ted Nelson. Visionary, Interactive Media Pioneer and coiner of theterm ‘hypertext’
  45. Tim Donaldson. Falmouth University, Typographer and Teacher
  46. Tom Standage. The Economist Deputy Editor and Author of ‘Writing on the Wall’
  47. Dame Wendy Hall. University of Southampton

Today we buried my father and yesterday we celebrated Norway’s independence day. He is so missed.

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