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Notes on another step with the dynamic views

This is text from my thinking space, which will make little sense to most.

It resulted in the User Guide screenshot below, which has since been massively simplified. Well, the WordPress integration is step 2.

Thinking sheet:

Maybe start with a list of items and then turn that into a freeform space?

Doug Engelbart
Something else
Then this
And so on

What I want to cluster and connect are concepts. Information about these concepts can be stored locally in the document, on my computer outside of the document or on the web in blog posts.

Start with a brainstorm ‘sheet’. I can then copy this to another document. ?

They can be citations or concepts, both can be

What I want to see are special things. Headings are

fuck…. When I pinch out I should see citations, headings and glossary terms and be able to move them freely. Glossary terms and citations should be the same things, as well as links maybe(?). I should be able to hide some items and show others. Maybe also choose to see bullet lists with all text or bold text.

I should do pinch out and see it all in a column with headings and citations and glossary terms on the right, with lines to where they appear in the document. Lines can be toggled with space bar (plus prefs in a bar on the bottom).

A citation is created with cmd-t and glossary term with cmd-g (we will have to remove the find aGain cmd-g command). Dialog box is as I have defined before and they are stored online in word press blog. A question is what terms to use. I suggest a prefs bar at the bottom of the screen allows user to choose, from the available WordPress blogs Author can post to(!)

What will show are any glossary terms in the WordPress blog which are in use. User can also add terms not in use in the document

If user double clicks to add text in this view then what do they add? Concepts or notes or what? I think plain text which will not be shown in the document but they should also be able to insert glossary terms, same as they can drag and drop documents from the desktop to cite. Anything not in the regular document view will be slightly grey.

Initial views in this view are then three columns: Headings on the left, Glossary Terms and Cited documents. But how to decide what to show and hide?

Maybe in glossary view bold = defined and normal equals just typed here. If the text matches, then auto-bold. User can also select text and cmd-shift-k to assign a Glossary term (dialog only shows glossary terms, not headings).

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