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Today was a good day

Today was a good day

I edited my PhD chapter on the history of citations and ended up with the plan to survey current academics to find out what they think 21st century citations should be. This is a major breakthrough I think. History of Citation Systems (3)

Artem finished putting up the short bit of fencing. We all had coffee, me mostly decaf, as doctor ordered. Perfect milk. Foamy but not hard. Grandma cup.

The book is done, with a few wonderful additions coming. We’ve started promoting the student competition.

‘Reader’ continues to work well. ‘Author’ is coming along for the masterclass on the 20th and 27th.

Grandma suggested a bigger decking by the fruit bushes. That’s nice and genius. Henning and Jose are in quarantine in Milde but gets to see her at a distance. That’s nice too. The 3*2*.75 ‘swimming’ pool will be delivered on Emily’s birthday.

For dinner we had Sanjunana and the egg and me had a tiny adventure picking it up. And a lovely, lovely time eating afterwards. The food was nice. Edgar was clever and lovely. He drank a bit of his juice before giving it to me so that I would have space to drink. He had double dorayaki. Didn’t finish. Did say ite-daki-mas before dinner.

Watched The Expanse with Colombo gin. They have just unlocked the cosmic junction box. Much Jonny M was played this week.

Today was a good day.

Office in the library:
New part of fence coming in:

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