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What to show in outline Dynamic View

I am working on the dynamic view for Author and the way it’s designed is to only show headings but I am using our User Guide as an example and there are not a lot of headings apart from level 1, there are quite a few lists though. This is what it looks like and it’s much too empty.

I should pause and mention I think we should no longer have a horizontal table of contents, only this, since this will also have the brain storming capability and too many views will be confusing.

A question then becomes: Should I show lists in the dynamic view, or ‘make’ the user use heading? Bullets left, headings right, where it’s clear that bullets take up much less space:

Here bullets are shown in the dynamic view, without bullets but with original body font:

The design we will do will not show bullet lists but this will be an option for the future. There will be a top horizontal bar however, to clearly distinguish level 1 headings from all other headings, like this:

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