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Custom Open/Library

It seems Apple is allowing alternative dialogs on cmd-o which is very interesting. Here is one in Ulysses:


Imagine if this was in Author and we had a custom open dialog/library as well as save, then we could help the student author be much more organised.


In this mock-up the user can specify what subject the Author document is for and also click to get a pop-up calendar to specify due date (more meta could of course be added, such as keywords or importance if desired, at some later stage):


Then we could have an open dialog/library something like this, with tabs for subjects on top of the screen (with numbers indicating how many papers are in progress and in red if deadline is soon), with categories in the list being always by date, but sub-divided in three sections: Published papers (so that the student/academic feels progress), Papers in Progress and Drafts/Notes below (click for full size):

The process to move a document from In Progress or Draft into Published Papers is simply to drag it in and this will lock the paper and produce an associated PDF in Reader’s Library.



Helping users organise what they read could be just as useful.

Save to Tag & Enter Key Term

In Reader the equivalent could be a Save dialog which essentially just lets the user enter tags. These should be Visual-Meta tags but should interact here in the same way as Apple tags, meaning user can type a new one or click to choose recently used ones:


The Open Dialog in Reader can then support this information, showing the “Key” information after each PDF which has it assigned:

The top bar shows subjects, which are essentially folders. There will be a + icon to the right for the user to add subjects.

The bottom bar displays all tags in use and if the user clicks on one, such as ‘hypertext’ in this example, only documents tagged with that will show:

To assign a key sentence, the user  can  ctrl-click  on  a  selected  sentence  and  choose  ‘Assign  As  Key  Sentence’:The result is that the user student can easily mark up what they think is the key sentence in the document, or write their own, something they can then easily share with their teacher.

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