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Addressability : (supplemental augmentation for Visual-Meta)

Last updated on July 30, 2019

Note that the ‘document_name’ is distinct from the title and can be set automatically by the authoring software to help identify the document through search later. The unique name will be the first 10 characters of the title, author’s name, the time in condensed form and a random 4 digit number. For example:


  • 1962 | 10 | 21 | 23 | 15 | 32
  • year | month | date | hour | min | seconds

Document Based Addressability

This approach allows the user to click on a citation and have the PDF open if it is available to the user, not simply to load a download page. If the document is not found, an opportunity to search for it will be presented.

High Resolution Addressing

Enacting a linking in this style is an active process initiated by the Reader software so adding an internal ‘search’ to the processes will allow the software to not only load the document but to open it at the section cited..

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