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Augmenting the Prefrontal Cortex with the Occipital Lobe

The premise of my work is that high level thinking, which happens largely in the prefrontal cortex (Euston, Gruber, McNaughton, 2012) can be better served by using the brain’s powerful visual spatial processing abilities (Levine, Jankovic, Palij, 2006) in a richly visual presentation rather than shoe-horning the visual processing to decode rectangular layouts of uniform grey columns of text on light backgrounds, going far beyond the confines which ’sophisticated’ typography have constructed for us: The very first time an ancestor noticed that animal tracks were left by animals, we were exposed to symbolic records, where the symbol of the track referred directly to the animal which left it (Everett, 2017). Symbolic processing in our ancestors is older than what we consider Homo Sapiens but we are nowhere near exploiting it to its full potential.

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