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Current Issues With Author & Reader

Issues as of late July 2020.

On Export, Author needs to:

  • Scan for empty pages added because the user has specified the following heading should have a page break before it and this results in a blank page.
  • Do not add ‘Image’ to the References unless that image has citation information.
  • Export in a manner to support Reader’s ability to let the user click on an in-body citation to see the full citation.
  • Export in a manner to support Reader’s ability to let the user click on a citation in References to see it in-situ in the body text.
  • Option to export ‘as Book’ to make the first page a cover page in Reader. (Visual-Meta option).
  • Option for auto-figure number.
  • Currently, when adding names to citation and there are more than one, they can be lost unless the user tabs out of the fields, not just ‘enter’ out.
  • Images must currently have filename extensions or they will be deleted on save and open.
  • The size of the Visual-Meta text should be considerably smaller.
  • Open and Save dialogs should have different memories from Export dialogs, since usually user keeps manuscript documents in one location and exports them to another location.
  • Make sure a citation in the References section does not get split over two pages.
  • When exporting to Word the headings should remain headings and not just larger text.
  • Allow user to create Section, above headings levels.
  • Allow user to focus on only a specific section or heading level, by temporarily hiding all others.
  • Export with bold text for titles in References, which is not part of any official Reference style but can aid readability. Author names are already out-dented in the References view so easy to scan for.
  • Add table of contents option.

  • Redesign Cover for when user chooses Automatic Cover page.
  • ‘References’ should ideally be a heading in visual meta for Reader to show in folded view.

Author Dynamic View

  • Option-shift drag a node onto another to add an arrow head
  • Auto-Heading Formatting. Experiment with formatting text nodes as heading if text matches.

  • Allow click and drag, not click, pause, then drag.
  • Make c for caps reversible.
  • Make background white (black in Dark mode) for better screenshots.
  • Add ability to show/hide children/levels.
  • Copy and paste groups of nodes.
  • Add links through normal cmd-k.
  • Allow user to paste citations or copy citations to Dynamic View from Citation Dialog to appear with document name and author in brackets underneath, smaller size. Double click to see Citation Dialog.

Author General:

  • On folding (pinch/cmd-) document don’t go to the top automatically, try to keep the heading above the cursor position as the top of the folded list. This will help users fold in and out around the section they are working on.
  • Typing after a heading sometime indents, which it should not.

  • Less Space over heading level 1 and more under, so that level 1 headings are vertically balanced.
  • On fold, do not show bold or names. We will show that instead on a new command: [Show Names] in view menu, keyboard shortcut ‘n’ with no selected text (not cmd-n).

  • If text to be pasted contains a DOI but is significantly longer than a DOI, paste as plain text. Otherwise sections with DOI wont’ paste, as now. Maybe 10 non-number characters.
  • Double-Click between words to select both. (For both Author and Reader).

  • Robust re-ordering of document in Fold view.

Reader General:

  • Refine Find results list. Including not showing headings twice.
  • ‘x’ on no selected text should show all x’d text, same as ‘h’ on no selected text shows all highlighted text.
  • ? (clarify) annotation.
  • User selects text and does / (or ?) and the text greys out. When user does not select text and does / (or?) all the greyed out text is shown, same as highlighted text. The ? is an annotation for a teacher or other to ask for clarification, rather than to highlight (h) or suggest deletion (x).

  • Much faster parsing on loading for faster access to folding.
  • ‘z’ to zoom/scale the equivalent of two clicks on cmd-shift- – and again to zoom out. This level of zoom makes reading many articles significantly easier and if doing cmd-shift – then doing cmd-shift + again is actually confusing funnily enough. I notice I too often end up doing cmd- or cmd+. Ideally the Preferences will have a level of zoom pop-up option for the user to specify the zoom %

  • Support Page Numbers for legacy PDFs.
  • Both for being able to highlight text, show all highlights and click and go to the correct page and for citing via visual-meta.Currently highlighting in non-Author made PDFs is less than ideal.

  • Support Fold for headings encoded in standard PDF format, not only Visual-Meta.
  • Refine the ctrl-click menu.
  • Ability to remove Visual-Meta.
  • Does not currently support double line headings.
  • Fix Visual-Meta to legacy PDF adding bug (OK, Cancel issue).
  • Richer copy:
  • When user copies from the PDF we need to carry all the Visual-Meta available, plus: documentname = {Insert the name of the PDF document here, for addressability}, This is to enable clicking on a citation and have the computer either search the user’s desktop to open the document or to search online if not found. and: pages = {46–129} This is to enable the Reader to open to the correct page and hopefully highlight the cited text (if any was cited).

  • Hold down arrow key to move continuously, same as space bar and shift-spacebar.
  • Quick Navigation: Arrow up and down go to next level 1 heading.

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