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Liquid | Reader is finally live

Last updated on July 13, 2019


What this means is initially that when someone copies text from a PDF and pastes into Liquid | Author the text will automatically be a citation.

What it means for the future, if this approach is taken up, is that context, which is crucial for any information, will no longer be buried inside the document with all the fragility that entails, but surfaced for access by the human reader to ‘manually’ interact with, software to parse and servers to analyse.

It means that archiving becomes one step less frail, with all the contextual metainformation kept on the same level as the actual body of the document. A Visual-Meta document can change formats, be printed, scanned and OCR’d and it makes no difference for future metainformation extraction.

I am not one for blowing my own trumpet, I have barely been able to ‘sell’ Liquid | Flow (which gives the user a myriad of useful commands instantly responsive) and Liquid | Author (which provides a unique dynamic view of the users text) but I feel strongly that the Visual-Meta approach is important and needs to be taken forward by the community.

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