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Show Glossary/Concepts Terms in Reader

Last updated on July 30, 2021


I updated my machine to macOS Monterey and looked  into the built-in Machine Learning which was interesting. The problems I am working to solve are how to better read academic documents and how to author them better. I therefore played around with things like showing only names (we have this already) but in the current implementation the view changes to headings and names which is nice but not amazing. I wondered if maybe showing them in-situ, with all other text faded would be better and it looked like it might be.

Since ‘Defined Concepts’ are important to the user, why not let them highlight them?

I then thought back to the play with glossaries Doug and I realised that a ‘Show Glossary Terms’ using the user’s own glossary while reading someone else’s document could very well be a useful way to guide their attention, so I then realised that in this world the user does have their own Glossary/Concepts so it may very well be useful if shown like this, fading out all other text when invoked with cmd-d (when no selected text since doing it on selected text would bring up the Define Concept Dialog):

The point is that a lot of ML can be useful and it will be important to experiment but concepts/glossary terms are self declared to be important so they might be useful signposts when reading.

Keep in mind that the use case here is a student using their own Glossary of Defined Terms on documents in their field so issues with mapping and meaning across boundaries do not cause a concern.

Extensions in the could include letting the user assign colours to categories so that in this view the words would be automatically coloured, such as red for concepts, blue for people, red for organisations, etc. as Doug and I discussed decades ago (which is to say he suggested and I mocked up).

The point here is simple: Let the use choose to see highlighted the text they have already, through the effort to making Definitions, declared that they care about.

Note: This needs to work as well when zooming in, since much reading is expected to happen in zoomed in view.

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