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Thoughts on Adam’s implementation

Last updated on July 5, 2021

We are working on augmenting how a new person (‘student’) in the field of hypertext can better traverse the large volume of Hypertext papers.

The Goal

The goal is to help this person see connections to build knowledge in their heads and cite what is interesting in their own work. It should also help the student better understand what people write about what topics, in order to follow relevant thinkers.

The Implementation

Mark Anderson hand-built a citation database of all the papers associated with ACM Hypertext. Adam Wern then turned that into a visualisation:


Another View

Adam built a new visualisation based on early notes from my keynotes, which is pretty great (origin mostly 2016, start of PhD before I realised the data was not available for this type of view, which Mark has now made happen). LIVE demo:

This is the PDF of the original Design Ideas for Adam & Mark Space.

I have since updated it to include these suggestions (online at

Today I just added the idea that it might be useful to have lensing when going through inbound and outbound citations:

And maybe have a year indication since this view is a long column? David Millard suggested years in the left and right hand columns:

A different display of abstract, where the text has more vertical space, which is more important than having a more of a body type font.

Author View

It is important to be able to follow citations but it is also important to also be able to follow authors. How about clicking on the name of an author in this view and that means that only papers published by that author is shown?…

And here is the kicker: When clicking on the author’s name in a document, such as Catherine C. Marshall above, then the citations to the left and right still stay, but they are now from all the documents she has authored, so it becomes easier to see, because of the multiple lines, which ones she has cited more often and which ones of her papers have been cited more…

Note that to toggle views, user clicks on an author’s name or the paper title.

(of course, in this rough photoshop mockup I have kept the same lines, but please imagine many lines from each paper to many lines cited)

Important to note:

This has been built in such a way that any PDF with Visual-Meta can simply slot into the system.

This is not a static demo.

Further Peter Wasilko suggested importance of the context of citation so we should show the sentence the citation was in.

In the meeting on the 5th of July we also thought of ‘open this view in a new browser’ so that the user can experiment with the view, based on Mark’s idea of saving ‘space’

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