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Thoughts on Collaboration (version 1)

Update version:

Collaboration is a matter of aligning intents and providing the means for actions and dialog to take place. 

There is a big difference between small groups (2- about 7 people) and large or massive scale collaboration, where trust and other issues need to be more in the system in larger groups than in the inter-personal relationships in the smaller groups.

The aspects of collaboration includes personal behaviour, organising principles for the group and tools/media.



•  Why collaborate

•  Definition of Goal

•  Definition of Scope

•  How to measure Goal

There needs to be an agreement as to Why collaborate and what the Goal will be and how to measure it. This is absolute basic but sometimes ignored as being ‘too obvious’ whereas participants have their own, different reasons for the collaboration and that might be ok, as long as they are not in such different directions that they will pull the team apart.

Personal Attitudes


•  Responsibility. Taking responsibility for bringing the project forward, within assigned roles and in general.

•  Be engaged. Active engagement, emotionally and practically, is crucial for actions to happen.

•  Be self aware and self-questioning instead of closed minded. This includes actively listening to others when there is a disagreement. 

•  Be accountable for our roles, actions, outcomes, attitudes and influence.

•  Know what roles we fill, what roles other fill and how to switch roles when appropriate.


•  Have rules of engagement as to how to deal with each other

•  Commitment to communicate clearly in a shared environment

•  Know and buy in to what work methods will be used

Knowledge Creation & Sharing

•  Have shared information resources

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