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ACM & Visual-Meta Update

(as sent to the Visual-Meta team 11 Aug 2021)


So the big ‘actual’ meeting with ACM was yesterday. And it went well.
This was a big deal since Lisa from Sheridan was there. She is the production company which will be doing the actual work for the actual documents. So it was all very ‘actual’ and not theoretical anymore. Mark Anderson was also on the call, which was great, since it turns out that their production makes the BibTeX from their XML after the document is done, so Lisa will have to custom set it up to produce the fields they need for this so that she can copy and paste the BibTeX. This is a step we were not aware of so thank goodness we can work with her on this and we have Mark Anderson and Peter Wasilko on our team!

• Specifics

– We decided to *only* implement the BibteX to cite the document in this pilot. The website has been updated to reflect all agreements:

 – Mark has already replied to several BibTex questions about how to add names and so on, really helping Lisa have a clear picture of best practice BibTex.
 – The Visual-Meta ID (vm-id) will be simply be the DOI and they can append a letter if the document has been corrected. We mentioned we are building an errata mechanism but this will be for discussion later.
 – A title in normal font size will precede the Visual-Meta font size 2 to tell the user this is just metadata.
 – We will have a follow up meeting in a week.
• This is the Visual-Meta template we are working on with them.:



version = {1.1},
generator = {ACM Hypertext 21},
organisation = {Association for Computing Machinery},
author = {Kitromili, Sofia and Jordan, James and Millard, David E.},
title = {What Authors Think about Hypertext Authoring},
year = {2021},
isbn = {9781450370981},
publisher = {Association for Computing Machinery},
address = {New York, NY, USA},
url = {},
doi = {10.1145/3372923.3404798},
abstract = {Despite significant research into authoring tools for interactive narratives and a number of established authoring platforms},
booktitle = {Proceedings of the 31st ACM Conference on Hypertext and Social Media},
numpages = {8},
keywords = {authors, digital interactive narratives, hypertext fiction, digital interactive storytelling, authoring tools, authoring, interactive fiction},
location = {Virtual Event, USA},
series = {HT ’21}
vm-id = {FULL DOI}
Yes, it is not impossible that metadata can be added within PDF, but there is a world of a difference between  ’not possible’ and actually possible. I am so incredibly grateful that they are making rich documents real through this very primitive, but robust way. Once this is done, it’s time to go to further publishes and spread the word. This is nice.
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