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Last updated on August 4, 2021

User performs cmd-shift-b and all text which is not bold or a heading fades. The idea here is for me, the author, to be able to specify what text in what paragraph is most important so that I can quickly scan my own document, and not just the headings:

I also recorded a walkthrough video when this was fresh of the compiler: 

As you might notice in the video, ideally live spell check is also turned off for the duration of this mode since cited names become annoying, or we may simply have an alternative rendering of citations in Author as asterisk* rather than (author date).

I am excited by how this helps me scan my own documents while writing and editing and how the cmd-click on a heading note allows me to put down notes which do not interfere with the view. Only I am the user of this, only the author.

And I’m pretty excited to have a command/function which the user needs to be told is there. This is where we go into more advanced views and controls, beyond what is ‘intuitive’ :-)

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