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Mimicked 360 video conferencing

How about this: for a FaceTime/Zoom/Skype/Hangouts/etc. call, using an ultra wide lens in an iPhone (currently max 120 degrees but could be more) or iPad as though it’s filming (partial) half 360 video.

The idea of having 360 video meetings is cool right? But how to view it?

Sounds odd yes but the thing is that the viewer would be able to move their iPhone or iPad screen horizontally a bit while in the call to see more without having distorted wide angle view: Exactly like looking at a 360 video but they can’t look behind them, which is seldom useful anyway.

Maybe let this work on laptops as well: Maybe use image recognition in the camera of the viewer to determine who is framed, so that the viewer can move their head and look through the magic screen?

Of course, this can also be used to automatically move the frame based on who is talking, but the above thoughts are a bit more exciting I think. It’s basically mimicking having a 360 camera in the room where it happens and giving the viewers a cool way to access that extra freedom of movement. Anyway, just a thought :-)

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