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Right-Left Graph Issue

This dialog addresses the left right issue in graphs. The source itself can specify how it relates to published papers, should the author so wish. The citer of the source can tag ‘This Citation’ for how the current document refers to the source. English sentences run from left to right and in convention English timelines also run from left to right. That allows the following to make sense. The cited document ‘On Links’ was a comment on ‘As We May Think’, and ‘On Links’ was tagged by me, the current author as the current paper being inspired by. It is relatively easy to reverse the grammar in this case, from ‘comment on’ to ‘was commented on by’ and ‘inspired by’ to ‘inspired’ but this does not automatically work for all relationship statements, such as ‘is a canon in the field’ which may be ‘was designed by by the current paper as being a canon in the field’ etc. Therefore the notion of specifying what a document is when publishing and whether it directly relates to another document, and separately allowing the author who cites the paper to tag it as ‘This Citation’ works best in a left-right timeline, not necessarily as a graph.

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