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The Edge of Making Waves

It’s a peaceful morning at Milde, quite warm, I’m sitting in the shed. Emily and Edgar are still asleep. Yesterday my cousin Camilla and family where they live out on the Islands. I had a meeting with Vint and Ismail where we discussed who else to invite for The Future of Text book and Ismail had some great introductions to make. Vint then told me that I’ll be (if all goes well), an official advisor to a new Library–primarily digital–of some note. I won’t write down exactly what it is until it’s confirmed and in action, but wow, it is really something.

Here I am, on Google video meeting them on my iPhone since the MacBook didn’t connect, but then it all worked. Considering the progress with the ACM pilot and the new bold and notes features in Author, along with a more consistent naming of defined concepts (out in a few weeks), this has been an extraordinary week for work progress.






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