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Why interactive text is crucial

In a world of fake news, propaganda and weaponised social media optimised for one-click viral sharing, the velocity of text is far beyond anything seen in the days before computers or in the early days of computing. It is far easier to share blindly than it is to pose simple questions.
For some, this brings up the age-old question of who determines the truth and where truth can be found, since any text can assert that it is truthful and the author may very well have honestly believed it was. It is too easy to be stuck at this question and simply rank media based on some relative score of attempted objectivity or to fall the other way and state that truth is simply subjective.
But truth is not in the written words. Truth is in how they are connected.
Our access to truth is determined by our ability to read the text as written and to read its context. This is why text-interactions are important and this is why the future of text cannot simply be left up to giant corporations and governments which derive value from the current state of velocity driven, simple-share interaction.
And this is why we are conducting the largest survey of different perspectives on the future of text ever seen.
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