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Library, Basic, Summer 2021 (Reference Manager)

Last updated on September 7, 2021

Library for Reader, a Modern Reference Manager.

The reason for building this now, after literally years of back and forth on this, is the realisation in conversation with Valentina today that when students start university they don’t necessarily search for a new word processor but many of them do need a Reference Manager for the first time. We have done good basic marketing for ‘writing’ and will now do for ‘concept mapping’ and also hope to be able to build a basic reference manager feature in Reader in order to also market that.


Invoked through cmd-L for ‘Library’ in Reader.
Invoked through cmd-L for ‘Library’ in Author as well, which then switches to Reader and opens this view.
Documents can only be imported into Reader.

Document Types

Supports three document types, which are all stored as PDFs:

• PDFs which all will have Visual-Meta appended on import if they don’t already have it.
• Books in the form of Visual-Meta as well, ideally including the cover art of the book for the list icon. The item itself should be a PDF of the book in whatever form or length is freely available.
• Web pages also in the form of Visual-Meta. If possible the item should be a PDF print out of that page with Visual-Meta attached, where the user would have to add the author’s name. Ideally this should import a screenshot of the page and/or favicon for the list icon.

View Interactions

User can choose to sort by Author name, Title, Date, Concept the document is attached to and Media type. For Concept the system allows sorting by Defined Concept or clicking in the title bar to specify only a single Concept.

Double click on a Reference opens it in PDF form in Reader’s normal view.

Copy As Citation
Here the user can click and cmd-c to copy as citation.

Search (optional for 1.0)
Search can initially be by title but being able to search inside would also be useful if possible. User should maybe be able to search books separately from PDFs and this would search Google Books for contents in the available books.

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