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The Future of Text, Tuesday the 12th

On the second day of the 2017 Future of Text symposium we had a good group where we worked to listing what we feel the important and interesting issues are for the future of text.

This was first summarised in a collaborative Google Sheet like this:

Which I then summarised into this:

This was still quite unwieldy so I put this into Scapple (with errors, there was just a short break). What I did here was to put the names on the left and their paragraphs in the centre, with categories listed on the left as they emerged:

The small text was hard to read and the lines not too informative so I changed the layout. Here The categories are spread (manually) around the screen in chunks based on ‘votes’ (I asked everyone to drag a line from their name to the categories during lunch, to indicate what they thought was important and interesting):

This was slightly useful but it did really highlight the issues with many lines and not having auto layouts based on criteria, such as ‘List By Most Connections, vertically’ but it did help us arrive at the end of the day quote:

The is to work to build tools to augment academic improvement which will be impactful

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