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The Future of Text, Monday the 11th

The Future of Text was on Monday the 11th and Tuesday the 12th this week and I am very happy.

Day One was 10 min presentations and 5 min Q&A

This time it was hosted at the University of Southampton where I am studying for my PhD and there were quite a few of my colleagues this time, not just disparate people who come together for a day or two and then disperse.

I posted a series of pictures here: and the speakers presentations are online at The videos will be up when available.

Here is Doc, David, Mark B, Zyxmn,Joyce, Stacey and Mark A heading to the dinner:

• Professor Les Carr Head of Web & Internet Science Research Group, University of Southampton
• Professor Sir Nigel Shadbolt Principal of Jesus College Oxford
• Vint Cerf co-inventor of the internet
• Stacey Mason PhD Fellow at UC Santa Cruz
• Dr. Sarah Walton author, tech & government consultant

• Mark Anderson Southampton PhD student
• Dr K Faith Lawrence King’s College London
• David Price creator of DebateGraph
• Dr Gyuri Lajos software developer
• Frode Hegland event founder & Southampton PhD student

• Doc Searls author and journalist
• Mark Bernstein of Eastgate Systems
• Keith Houston author
• Dr Paul Smart Senior Research Fellow, University of Southampton
• Pip Willcox Centre for Digital Scholarship in Oxford

• Dr Paul Groth of Elsevier Labs
• Christopher Gutteridge of the University of Southampton
• Zyxmn Daley Jes Full Stack Developer, Sparrho
• Professor Luc Moreau Former Head of the Web and Internet Science Group, University of Southampton
• Professor Dame Wendy Hall Director of Web Science Institute, University of Southampton

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