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Update late September 2020

Last weekend Edgar went to see his first circus performance but that is not the update I was planning to give you (note: he massively enjoyed it).
We also walked to nursery all by ourselves. Yes, walked. And another day we walked and mummy took this picture:
These are truly the days of miracles and wonder Edgar. AND you rode a pedal bike for a short while all by yourself for the first time!
And on to the book and software:
Jacob will deliver another build of Reader on Friday which should hopefully work with the book for Glossary (we might even be able to sneak in Footnotes before launch in November). This will be good enough to create a video demo for to include in our press release about the book, to really demonstrate that we are experimenting and not only talking about futures of text.
Chris Gutteridge and I worked on a thinking space back for the 50th anniversary of Doug’s demo  and now he has produced a mechanism where the space can be created (and updated live) via Visual-Meta, as the screenshot I pasted at the end of this message shows. The potential is amazing.
This week I will be getting print samples of printing the book as tiny, tiny text on a large ‘picture’ to be framed, as one of the long term archival attempts. How tiny can modern text on paper be? Stay tuned.
I have also started a dialog with a laser marking company who is very excited about the book and they will be making tests soon. I hope we can get results quick enough that we can get it into the press release and into the book.

Remember, these will be printed with Visual-Meta so they can be scanned and turned into interactive documents at any time.
… from metal type, to type in metal, and type unleashed in digital form …

To see this live, visit and paste into the remote control URL box (point to the ‘ls’ icon top left to access this).
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