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Citation Criteria

Last updated on October 8, 2019

A list of criteria by Doug, Frode and Raine as of 5th of October 2019, which the system we are working on aims to support. This page is being updated in standard WordPress fashion as we refine the work:


The user, as author, reader or as automated service should be able to view the document/article as required.


Robust Addressing: Address by Location (server address) and/or Name. This is primarily a document issue, not server. It is also why we are looking at IPFS and the technologies.
High Resolution Addressable. At different levels of granularity, potentially with anchors at paragraph level which can also be used to provide addressing to text inside the paragraph.
The document cannot change.


Link Type. Is the citation being referred to because the author agrees or disagrees with it?
A means through which a document has further context.


Author Name
Document Title
Date Published
possibly with Location
Identifiers: ISBN, DOI, etc.
user defined field or refer to existing standard

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