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Discourse on a Magical Canvas

Last updated on October 5, 2019

“The thing that goes on the clipboard in Author when copying a citation is a BibTeX version of the citation.” That is how this thinking started for this dynamic view diagram. Rich Copy with Author Name, Link Type & High Res Address is, as Raine points out, key. This is a further discussion on Augmented Copy / Clipboard Citation Protocol which I have renamed this the Addressing Unit as this diagram developed:

Addressing Unit connecting Articles. Hegland, 2019.
Addressing. In this diagram the flow from Original Article top left (shown to be hosted on WordPress, as are the Comment Articles) to the Comment Articles go via what I clumsily call ‘Linking via Addressing Text Unit’ which is what we current test as being simply a BibTeX citation listing, but in this diagram it illustrates the criteria for what this Addressing Unit should support.

Views. Doug also highlighted the importance of advanced views and this is what we are laying the foundation for, including using themes in WordPress to show the dialog and connections in different ways and to show dialogs as graphs or threads or whatever a developer wants to build and a user use.

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