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DV & Find Upgrades for Glossary

The cmd-f with Glossary I think is a very useful part of our system. I think that we should leave the Dynamic View as it is, rather than having Glossary terms as a special case (I mocked it up based on my current work documents and it fell to pieces) and instead polish the Dynamic View in Author and provide one in Reader for the author-user and reader-user.

First of all, let’s improve the Find results in Author to have the same line as we have on the bottom of the screen, on top, under the search term. Then let’s make it non-bold and larger, and show it with whatever capitalisation as was used for the search (currently it’s automatically lower cased). Then let’s replace ‘Exit’ with ‘Exit [cmd-f]’ to help the user know that cmd-f goes into and out of this mode:

Then let’s do the same in Reader, where we also need to move the results column a bit to the right to centre it more:

And this is what it should look like when there is a glossary term in the Find results. Everything as above except the top is the current grey bar, not the Find term:

If the search term is also in the DV, then show the term with the same style box around it as it has when selected in the DV, but in grey (light mode #949494, dark mode . This should visually help connect the text in DV to the text shown in the Glossary Find area and it also looks like a button. Click to toggle to DV with that term selected. Click in the top bar but not on the term, URLs or other glossary terms, or in the margin, bottom of the screen or do cmd-f to toggle back to the view which produced this Find (word processing or DV):

Author Glossary in Find View

We should maybe produce the same ‘Glossary in Find’ in Author as we have in Reader, please tell me how much of an effort that would be.

The Dynamic View (DV) in Author will need some improvement, particularly it should not be necessary to click on a node to move it first. Double clicking on a node in DV will always produce the Find list, unless the text is not in the word processing view, in which case a dialog should ask if it should be added to the word processing view (this should work now but does not work in my Author, same as cmd-t does not).

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