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Enhance Dialog, Discourage Disparate Chats & Comments

Last updated on October 5, 2019

Enhance Dialog, Discourage Disparate Chats & Comments

Chats are useful, as as comments but this proposal is about encouraging thoughtful, document based dialog.

1. Full Authoring Environment, not just on-page comments (including the main entry and replies) (“full writing environment for all of the writing”). Doug did not like the idea of performing an action and the result being not as richly interactable.
2. Machine and Human Readable Thread (“in the future a reader can easily follow the dialog and find relevant connections”)
3. Publicly Accessible. (“email… not findable by someone not part of the conversation”)
5. A (repliable) post is a whole piece of text from any publicly accessible resource [Frode adds:] though blogs provide author information so will be a better actor (“Author posts an article on a blog”).
5a. Replies may “live” on their respective author sites (this was not mentioned explicitly but seems to be implied)
6. Public linkbacks to be displayed with the referent lexia (from citing rather than commenting)

Linking & Addressing

A major issue is the hypertext question of how to link and thread the discussion. Doug had specific requirements for links:

High Resolution. Link to sections, not just to whole.
Link Types. It should be possible to specify if a link is supportive, refuting or just further information.
Backlink database. Links should be analysable on their own and a document should ‘know’ what links to it.
Immutable. I take Raine’s text here: “Each post or reply should be immutable as mutations would undermine/invalidate all replies that refer to it. Revisions/edits may be modeled as replies to a previous version, with a special UI case to only show the latest.” In Doug’s world this would be posting to a Journal and it would not change, so there was strong, basic versioning. We should therefore have a way to freeze WordPress posts.

Rich Copy with Author Name, Link Type & High Res Address. We are the above into Augmented Copy / Clipboard Citation Protocol to make it clearer what is being discussed.

Views. Doug also highlighted the importance of advanced views and this is what we are laying the foundation for, including using themes in WordPress to show the dialog and connections in different ways.

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