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FoT Day 2 Outcome Proposals

(this was shared with the organizers of FoT 2015 via email)

Regarding, what the question of what the outcome from day two should be, I have the following. Please comment:

The Emotion

A feeling among the participants that text does indeed have a valuable contribution to dialogue, that it can evolve and that the panelists feel that they can be a part of this evolution, that they are a part of a community working on many different futures of text. 

The Work Product

It would be useful to have actual work products which we can give to the world in coherent ways, in terms of focus for the panelists, credibility for the future and of course, as way to actually make real headway in making text ever more useful for knowledge work and dialog. 
Suggestions as to forms: 

  • Paper.
  • Spoken records in a video record of each panelist speaking to the camera in a separate room for 3 mins. I can arrange manning for this, for day 2, unless it would be disruptive for the rest of the work that day.
  • Prototypes.
  • Specs. 

Suggestions as to contents/topics:

  • Spec for framing the evolution/issues.
  • Particular rapid-innovations for brain storm.
  • Document Format Criteria, for new publishing. 
  • Proposals for new document network/environment.


The FoT is presented as being a Program For The Future Presentation with the theme of Tools For Thought and I think this is beautiful. 
I suggest that the Work Product be presented in issue 1 of The Knowledge Federation Journal (a proposal which came up in discussion on Friday and which is not at all finalized but I personally think it would be really wonderful if we did it this way), which will be all web-based and we could put in our prior work in a Beta issue of the journal. What do you all think?

My Own Work

I aim to have a good working version of Author OS X by then and would very much like your suggestions and requirements for what it should be. It will be single user in the beginning and the dialog will be via shared documents. Beyond this, I am very eager to hear what you have to say. I got the first working version yesterday, Friday, but it really doesn’t do anything useful yet. 

The work I am doing is not owned by FoT nor vice versa, these are distinct identities but of course I appreciate any collaboration. 

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