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Library for Reader & Author

An addition to Reader which acts like a basic Reference Manager. It will be focused on helping the user find what they have already read in order to read it again (in Reader) and to cite the document (in Author). This means that the user would need to be able to mark the document in some way which they can later use to find the document. I propose this will be done though an extension of Visual-Meta.

Implementation of this work will first require further research into how more academics actually want their Reference Mangers to work. Prime issues are how they are interested in tagging what I call binaries, such as interesting/not interesting or to use/not useful and how to use a Liked/Star system.

Here are my thoughts on the design as of today (October 2020);

Reader & Author

Reader and Author watches a specified folder of PDFs for the user. This folder is called the Library.
Reader also watches the Downloads folder and automatically copies any downloaded PDF across to the user’s Library folder’s sub-folder ‘Downloaded’

Reader Library Window

Access & Search Library

User can cmd-L or choose ‘Open Library’ from the File menu. The Library looks exactly like the Citation Dialog in Author (without the ‘Books’ button and all documents are listed until the user chooses to filter). The window opens tall by default, as the Open window does, but it’s show here short for easier viewing in this document. The Library shows the folder the user chose on first use and can include sub-folders, as indicated. The bottom left option lets the user toggle to show only starred documents or all documents, as described in the next section. The tags on the side can be activated or deactivated by clicking:

Reader Document

The user can do cmd-i and a dialog appears with the option to press [space] to toggle the star on/off and the user can tab to enter any notes and add tags, in the same interaction as adding tags in the Finder. This is stored, ideally, both in Visual-Meta and in the Finder’s ‘Get Info’.

Click on the tags field to get suggestions:


keywords = {HCI, history},
highlights = {this is a sentence highlighted in the document, there may be quite a few I think. Should we instead give access to them through other means?},
comment = {This may be worth reading again I think},

Author (future work)

Citing from Library

The cmd-t dialog in Author will be refreshed to have another search options [Search Books] / [Search Library] (Whichever was used last will next time respond to the ‘Enter’ key). Searching for Books will work as now, searching Library will provide search results in a list with hits for different categories at different levels.

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