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Publish from Author to WordPress : High Resolution Addressing

Last updated on October 8, 2018

Publishing to WordPress from Author should work like this. This is VERY important.


In the Publish dialogue, designed to allow the user to add category and tags, as illustrated on Trello, there will be a small ‘Advanced’ link where the user can choose to add and remove wordpress accounts and also to click to view the source code for the paragraph addressability, as outlined below.

In WordPress

On the line before any paragraph (or heading) there should be an anchor tag inserted, based on a hierarchical number or the first characters of text (I don’t mind).

At the end of all paragraphs should be inserted (probably through JavaScript) a few lines of invisible link, which when mouse-over produce the paragraph icon §. Click on this to see an option ‘Copy for Citation’

Copy As Citation

If user clicks, then on the users clipboard will now be the that paragraph text, the URL to the anchor at its start, date and time as well as the name of the Author of the post. Determining the name of the author will be a challenge but when articles are posted via Author the author name will be clearly inserted into the HTML for this function to find it.

If a user pastes this in Author, Author will recognise the format and produce a Citation dialog box already filled in.

If a user pastes in another word processor the format will be nicely presented with the text in quotes and all the meta-information.

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